How Policy Changes Could Increase Business for MRI Centers

About Anthem Insurance’s Policy Change

Anthem insurance recently informed its members that they will no longer be covered for outpatient MRI and CT scans at hospitals. Instead, they will now be encouraged to opt for the less costly solution – free-standing imaging centers.

Modern Healthcare reported on the new policy change, and informed readers that it is due to the fact that when these services are performed in hospitals, it can cost a large sum of money for the insurer.

In some states, such as Alaska and Michigan, prices for MRIs at hospitals can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $4,000, while in those same states, imaging center services can cost $1,500 or less. And in most states, independent imaging centers offering an MRI scan will charge less than $1,000.

What this Means for MRI Centers

Those who use Anthem as their provider will now need to go to a facility to get their MRI scans done in order for it be covered by insurance, unless they are willing to pay the high price on their own.

This means MRI centers could wind up with an influx of business without enough qualified staff to help with the new patients. But don’t fret, because Specialty Teleradiology can help!

Specialty Teleradiology Can Offer the Services You Need

If you’re looking for a company to supply essential MRI scan interpretations, know that we treat our MRI reporting services as “consults,” working closely with our partners and providing the most comprehensive MRI reporting services available.

We are trained radiologists with the ability to read, interpret, and report on MRI and other scans. Here is how we can help your business during this policy change:

On top of the diagnostic imaging reporting services we can offer to your facility, we can also provide your business with support services to see to any of your teleradiology needs. Our support services include:

  • RIS/PACS support
  • IT support
  • Client support
  • Administrative support

Reasons Your MRI Center Should Invest in Our Reporting Services

We recently wrote a blog post highlighting 10 core reasons why MRI facilities should work with us. Here is a brief overview of these reasons:

  1. Increase in efficiency
  1. Access to new technology
  1. Opportunities for growth
  1. Quicker turnarounds
  1. IT and admin support
  1. Flexibility
  1. Qualified reporters
  1. Better cost
  1. Increased competitiveness

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Lisa Drazil

About The Author

Lisa Drazil - VP / Administator

Lisa Drazil is Administrative Director for Specialty Teleradiology. Her medical career began as a Nuclear Medicine/PET technologist at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation. Lisa then went on to develop, staff, and manage various imaging centers across the country. Her medical background combined with her health administration experience provide a valuable insight into the needs of the diagnostic imaging practices that Specialty Teleradiology serves.