How Specialty Teleradiology Works with PET Centers to Ensure Diabetics are Scanned Properly

PET/CT imaging and interpretation is our specialty. Oncologic imaging with PET/CT is a vital diagnostic tool used to evaluate and manage cancer patients. PET/CT scans are performed for tumor diagnosis, staging, restaging, treatment monitoring, and radiation therapy planning.

Specialty Teleradiology provides the interpretive services of numerous highly specialized radiologists – all trained and experienced in nuclear medicine – and including many pioneers in PET/CT Imaging Technology. Our administrative staff also includes former PET/CT technologists who understand the best protocols and practices to result in the highest quality images for this vital imaging tool.

Our Approach

The actual PET/CT scan involves an intravenous injection of Fluorine-18-deoxyglucose (FDG), an agent that will show increased uptake in tumor cells due to their higher metabolic activity compared to normal tissues. It is critical that a patient’s blood glucose level be at normal levels prior to FDG injection. Elevated blood glucose levels create a potential problem in PET imaging, as high levels can reduce uptake in abnormal cancerous tissues, thereby reducing the sensitivity for disease detection.

The professionals at Specialty Teleradiology work hand in hand with our oncology imaging clients to implement a specific policy to be adhered to for scanning diabetic patients. Patients are screened at the time of scheduling to identify diabetic patients, and further identify if their condition is managed with dietary restrictions, or treatment with oral medications. All patients are encouraged to follow a high protein, low carbohydrate diet 24 hours prior to the exam.

Diabetic patients treated with insulin are scheduled for early morning appointments and instructed to not take insulin the day of exam. For those insulin dependent patients that have difficult-to-control blood sugar levels, our radiologists will consult with the patient multiple days continually prior to the exam to coordinate the best medication scheduling so that blood glucose levels will be optimal on the day of their scan.

Specialty Teleradiology PET experts are available for consultation with our PET/CT partners and referring physicians for any concerns with their diabetic patients undergoing this all-important diagnostic procedure.

We help PET/CT clients and their patients navigate steps to best ensure an acceptable blood glucose level to ensure excellent image quality for critical diagnosis, staging, or restaging of cancer status.

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Lisa Drazil

About The Author

Lisa Drazil - VP / Administator

Lisa Drazil is Administrative Director for Specialty Teleradiology. Her medical career began as a Nuclear Medicine/PET technologist at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation. Lisa then went on to develop, staff, and manage various imaging centers across the country. Her medical background combined with her health administration experience provide a valuable insight into the needs of the diagnostic imaging practices that Specialty Teleradiology serves.