Reliable CT Reading Services from Specialty Teleradiology

CT radiology reading services are a core aspect of the operations of many medical facilities, helping them to provide more comprehensive care for their patients. Specialty Teleradiology is adept at providing CT reporting services as part of our overall teleradiology focus for facilities like yours.

The Benefits of CT Services for Healthcare Facilities

CT, or computed tomography, scans are a vital tool within the field of medical imaging, helping to supplement the use of X-rays and medical ultrasonography.

The process is often used in preventative medicine to help screen for disease, and can be used to detect:

  • Tumors, hemorrhage, infarction, calcifications, or bone trauma within the head of a patient
  • Acute and chronic changes within the lung parenchyma, including chronic interstitial processes such as fibrosis and emphysema
  • Pulmonary embolisms through the use of CT pulmonary angiograms
  • Coronary artery disease through the use of CT coronary angiograms
  • Abdominal diseases and issues such as Renal stones, diverticulitis, abdominal aortic aneurysm, bowel obstruction, appendicitis, and pancreatitis
  • Complex fractures located around joints, particularly those of the extremities

With this diverse range of abilities for CT interpretations, partnering with a company that provides CT teleradiology services can clearly offer your facility a wealth of benefits.

The Advantages of Using Specialty Teleradiology’s CT Reading Services

Specialty Teleradiology’s CT radiology reading services can offer our clients a host of key advantages. These include:

  • A dedicated radiology and support staff adept at seeing to the needs of physician groups, private practices, independent diagnostic imaging centers (IDTFs), MRI centers, urgent care centers, and more
  • Fellowship-trained teleradiologists who are board certified with subspecialties in vital fields, and who hold licensure for radiology reading within your state
  • Experience working specifically with urologic physician practices. Our body imaging fellowship-trained radiologists understand exactly the reporting specifications of these CT referrals
  • Experience working specifically with CT oncology referrals. Our oncology radiology experts understand the importance of these CT exams for evaluating the status of oncology patients
  • Competitive pricing to help ensure your facility can operate efficiently and effectively
  • A dedication to customer service and fast radiology reading turnaround times
  • Participation in RADPEER which can significantly help simplify your facility’s accreditation needs
  • A responsive team of teleradiologists who are able to consult with physicians at any point in the CT interpretation process
  • A notification policy designed to alert medical facilities and private practices of any findings deemed to be urgent or unusual during the course of CT readings, or any of our other teleradiology readings
  •  A variety of core support services, including client support, RIS/PACS support, IT support, and administrative support, each designed to provide clients with any aid needed during the reporting process
  • Additionally, Specialty Teleradiology uses Ramsoft within our operations, a web-based RIS/PACS, providing for easy report retrieval and convenient physician access to images. This can be a great marketing tool in attracting referring physicians

Contact Specialty Teleradiology for CT Reading Services

As you can see, the CT reading services that Specialty Teleradiology can offer to our partners can provide a wide variety of benefits. If you’re interested in learning more about us and everything we can do for your facility, feel free to contact our team today.

We look forward to speaking with you.