Reliable PET/CT Interpretations from Specialty Teleradiology

At Specialty Teleradiology, we strive to offer reliable and diverse radiology reporting services for our clients and part of that commitment comes by way of our PET/CT scan interpretation services.

Our professional staff has years of experience in oncologic, neurologic, and cardiac PET/CT applications and are able to facilitate quality reporting for a variety of healthcare facilities, such as:

  • Physician groups
  • Mobile/MRI/CT/US services
  • Urgent care centers
  • Private practices
  • Independent Diagnostic Testing Facilities (IDTFs)

If you’re looking for a company to supply essential PET scan interpretations, know that we treat our PET/CT reporting services as “consults,” working closely with our partners and providing the most comprehensive PET/CT reporting services available.

Our highly experienced PET/CT radiologists will supply expert, unequivocal PET/CT scan interpretations to assist referring physicians in delivering the best possible care for their patients.

Understanding PET/CT Scan Results

Referring physicians are encouraged to call our radiology staff with inquiries about the overall value of PET/CT services and PET scan interpretations for their patients. One particular area that PET scan interpretations are a critical part of is for the management of a cancer patient’s health.

Specialty Teleradiology’s PET/CT radiologists work with and actively support MIMvista fusion platform for PET/CT imaging. MIMvista is a leader in fusion software. Our contributions have assisted in the development of the MIMvista PET neurology analysis software, which helps put Specialty Teleradiology on the cutting edge of PET imaging for Alzheimer’s disease, as well as for future neuro-receptor imaging.

Consult our list below of specific PET scan interpretation services to learn about some of the areas that our dedicated teleradiologists specialize in.

Oncology PET/CT
Neuro PET/CT
Cardiac PET/CT

Our Support Services

In addition to all we can provide for your business regarding PET/CT interpretations, we also offer a number of support services to ensure that when you work with Specialty Teleradiology all of your essential needs are met.

These services include:

  • Administrative support
  • Client support
  • IT support
  • RIS/PACS support

Our dedicated team is ready to help you in all of these areas when you partner with Specialty Teleradiology for your PET/CT teleradiology needs. Visit our link above to see all that these services entail, or reach out to one of our representatives to learn more about our PET scan interpretations.

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