Reliable X-ray Interpretation Services from Specialty Teleradiology

We understand ancillary imaging can be an important part of your practice, which is why we’re proud to support those needs with our services. And one component of Specialty Teleradiology’s range of reporting services is our capability for x-ray interpretations and ultrasound interpretations.

Our experienced teleradiologists can provide reliable, efficient X-ray readings for medical professionals and healthcare entities such as:

If you’re in the healthcare field and are seeking talented X-ray specialists to review essential X-rays and ultrasounds, Specialty Teleradiology’s board certified team can provide.

Additionally, our radiologists are accessible for physician consults at any point during the X-ray reading process, and can offer insights prior to the taking of X-rays as well.

Why You Should Choose Specialty Teleradiology for X-ray Review

Specialty Teleradiology provides for X-ray interpretation made easy through the use of our experienced radiologists and dedicated technical and support team. If you’re in need of plain film reads, there are many reasons why Specialty Teleradiology should be your partner. Some core reasons include:

  • We have extensive experience working with multi-modality outpatient imaging centers, physician practices, and urgent care centers


  • We staff board certified radiologists who are licensed within your state


  • We treat our plain film teleradiology readings as consults, and our staff notifies your practice or medical facility with any unexpected or urgent discoveries


  • Additionally, Specialty Teleradiology holds a policy of following through on reports in such cases to ensure the proper healthcare officials are notified


  • Teleradiology services can also provide for better quality of care for patients, since radiologists are able to develop or optimize existing scan protocols


  • Teleradiology can free up time, resources, and money within your facilities


  • We emphasize customer service in our work and provide a fast turnaround time for reports


  • Specialty Teleradiology offers 24/7 real-time site support through email or a toll-free number for any administrative concerns, referring physicians’ requests, protocols, technologist questions and IT queries


  • We are a participant in RADPEER, which can help to streamline your accreditation needs


  • We offer competitive pricing which helps you to make the most of your radiology budget, reducing the need for the costs of an in-house radiologist

Through these key services and our experienced, attentive radiologist support, we can ensure quick and efficient solutions for your teleradiology needs.

Our Support Services

Along with everything our X-ray interpretation services can provide for your practice, we are also pleased to offer numerous support services. These services include:

  • Administrative support
  • Client support
  • IT support
  • RIS/PACS support

Our dedicated staff is ready to meet your needs in each of these areas with consummate speed and expertise. Visit our link above to learn about these offerings.

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If you’re looking for a partner for X-ray reading services, Specialty Teleradiology is ready to get to work. Contact us today!