How Policy Changes Could Increase Business for MRI Centers

About Anthem Insurance’s Policy Change

Anthem insurance recently informed its members that they will no longer be covered for outpatient MRI and CT scans at hospitals. Instead, they will now be encouraged to opt for the less costly solution – free-standing imaging centers.
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Women and Radiology: Working Toward a More Female-Populated Industry

A number of studies, articles and surveys have been published in recent years addressing the lack of females within the radiology industry. Even though women today make up 46% of the medical industry, only 27% are pursuing careers in radiology. These low numbers are nothing new – as a matter of fact, the numbers have remained stagnant over the last decade.

As expected, these statistics are driving medical professionals to scratch their heads and wonder: why is there such a gender disparity in the field?
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10 Reasons Why Your MRI Center Should Invest in a Teleradiology Solution

If you work within an MRI imaging center and are looking to boost your facility’s productivity, partnering with an experienced teleradiology provider can be greatly advantageous.

Specialty Teleradiology has a team of talented radiologists and support staff members who are adept at meeting the vital needs of healthcare providers. Let’s take a look at why imaging center teleradiology is a worthwhile investment.
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FDG-PET/CT Utilized in Anal Cancer Study

As reported by the site AuntMinne, the Journal of Nuclear Medicine recently published a study which highlighted the role of FDG-PET/CT in anal cancer follow-ups. The radiologists in the study were able to predict two-year progression-free survival for patients by utilizing the FDG uptake and studying the response to chemoradiotherapy.

Let’s take a look at some of the findings.
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What Is Teleradiology?

Though its status has certainly grown within the medical field over the last number of decades, not everyone is necessarily familiar with the particulars of teleradiology.

In this piece, we’ll cover the topic to clarify for anyone wanting to know the teleradiology definition, how teleradiology works, what its benefits are and all Specialty Teleradiology can provide for our clients.
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