Reliable Oncology PET/CT Interpretation Services from Specialty Teleradiology

Oncology PET/CT reading services can be greatly beneficial to the operations of many medical facilities, from hospitals to private practices to independent diagnostic testing facilities and more. Specialty Teleradiology can offer oncology consulting from experienced teleradiologists to help assist with your operations’ needs.

The Benefits of Oncology PET/CT Services for Medical Facilities

PET/CT studies are an essential component in the management of cancer patients’ care. Referring physicians, and their patients, benefit greatly from receiving oncology PET/CT teleradiology readings, allowing the physicians to offer more comprehensive care and determine the full treatment requirements of their patients.

PET/CT imaging services have become vital diagnostic procedures for physicians wanting to determine the presence and severity of a cancer within a patient. Because many cancer cells are highly metabolic, they can rapidly synthesize the radioactive glucose which is injected prior to a PET/CT scan. When abnormal levels of this radioactive glucose are seen by a radiologist reading oncology PET/CT scan results, a referring doctor can then determine if the cancer is localized or if it has spread.

With this information at hand, doctors can then determine the best course of action for a patient, whether it is surgery, systemic therapy, radiation therapy, or any necessary combination of therapies.

Additionally, when cancer treatments are underway, oncology interpretations from qualified radiologists help physicians to monitor how effective a course of treatment and therapies have been, allowing them to make alterations to their treatment strategies to further aid the patient.

The Advantages of Using Specialty Teleradiology’s Oncology Consultants

Our oncology PET/CT interpretation services can offer physicians and medical facilities with a range of worthwhile advantages. These include:

  • A team experienced in working with and seeing to the needs of independent diagnostic imaging centers (IDTFs), private practices, and physician groups


  • Board certified and fellowship-trained teleradiologists who hold subspecialties and are licensed to work within your state


  • Participation in RADPEER to help you simply your accreditation process


  • Competitive pricing to help aid your facility in allocating resources, and reducing the need for an in-house radiology team


  • A focus on efficient customer service and quick turnaround times


  • A fully responsive staff of teleradiologists who are able to consult with referring physicians during any part of the reading process to offer essential insights


  • A policy of notifying medical facilities of any unexpected or urgent findings seen during the course of oncology PET/CT readings, or any other form of radiology reporting


  • A variety of support services, which include client support, administrative support, RIS/PACS support, and IT support, all designed to provide our clients with anything needed during the reporting process


  • Additionally, Specialty utilizes Ramsoft, a web-based RIS/PACS, allowing for easy report retrieval and convenient physician access to images. This can be a great marketing tool in attracting referring physicians


  • Specialty Teleradiology’s PET/CT radiologists work with and actively support MIMvista fusion platform for PET/CT interpretations. MIM is a leader in software solutions for oncologic and neurologic PET

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There are a host of benefits available from utilizing an experienced company for oncology consulting services, and we hope you’ll give Specialty the opportunity to provide them all for your facility.

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